School Days – free pussy fucking sex story

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School Days – free pussy fucking sex story


“What’s her problem?” Peg asked as Ellen turned pages
furiously on the school lawn looking for a time frame for “The
Great Flood”.
Ellen looked up and saw the sour face of Dawn looking their
“A rumor’s gone around that she’s the school lesi and she
thinks I spread the rumor,” Ellen said guiltily.
“Why on Earth would she think that?”
“I have no idea,” Ellen lied and hoped Peg didn’t see her
blushing furiously.
“Hey Ellen, wasn’t the great flood about 6,000 BC?” Peg
finally asked. “Ellen? Hey Ellen, where are you going?” Peg
asked, watching Ellen pack up her books and start toward Dawn.
“Dawn, please talk to me,” Peg said as she approached the
beautiful girl in the short plaid skirt.
“And have you spread more rumors?” Dawn said in a surly mood.
“You can’t believe I said that, can you?”
“Who else knew? You are the only one I ever did it with,”
Dawn hissed. Despite herself, Dawn let her eyes go over the
beautiful blonde who had loved her so well only three days
earlier. Peggy was a perfect “Barbie” type of blonde. Dawn
ached to reach out and touch her, but she was so damned mad.
“So why would I tell and implicate myself, or have you spread
rumors about me?” Peggy asked suddenly.
“I don’t know,” Dawn finally relented. She began to see
there might be some reasonable doubts. But if not Peggy, then
who? Her life at Royal was ruined. Even now her mother was
looking for houses in other towns where they could live.
“Did you say anything to anybody?” Peggy asked, looking for
an answer.

“Hell no, I told you that,” Dawn started out yelling, but
ended up with a calmer note in her voice. “Nobody even knew you
were at my house,” Dawn said desperately.
“Ellen knew,” Peggy looked back at Ellen for the first time.
Ellen was pretending not to watch, but Peg could see her glancing
at them under a curtain of hair. “I told Ellen I couldn’t come
to her house, because I was going to see you,” Peg said in awe.
“I wonder…”
“That little bitch,” Dawn hissed. She glared at Ellen, who
continued to give them furtive glances through her thick bangs,
while pretending to read. “It must have been her,” Dawn growled,
mad enough to kill.
“Let’s set the little slut up,” Peggy said without
hesitation. She was mad at being used, and angry that Ellen
would let her take the blame without saying anything.
“You’ve got it. Invite her over to my house tonight, my
parents are out of town, as usual.”
Peg nodded and went over to talk to Ellen.

“Are you sure it’s alright?” Ellen asked, staring around
fearfully. She didn’t like Dawn’s neighborhood, it was
considered one of the most violent in town. It mostly contained
trailer trash, druggies, and whores, or so the rumors said.
“Sure, Dawn is expecting us,” Peg said innocently.
“She didn’t seem too glad to see me today,” Ellen insisted.
“You’ll see,” Peg tried to keep her voice normal, even though
her insides were screaming for revenge. Ellen was pretty, in a
homey sort of way, but she was a hanger-on, which made her less
than attractive at times. She could be annoying, but
occasionally helpful. Mostly, she did whatever she was told,
that was her way of gaining friendship. But since Peg had
realized that Ellen had to be behind the rumors, she became a
thing to detest and hate. She didn’t care what happened to Ellen
now, no matter how painful or degrading.
“There, she’s looking out the window for us,” Peg said with a
quick smile for Dawn. Dawn threw open the door and ushered them

“I made drinks,” Dawn said with a strained smile. They each
drank immediately, for different reasons. Dawn drank to quiet
her pent up anticipation. Ellen drank to relieve her fear, and
Peg to cover the burning anger that occasionally showed in her
eyes. It was obvious before long that Ellen’s drink was
different from their own. Ellen groaned and fell back on the
couch. Her eyes wavered like somebody trying to focus after
drinking all night. Peg realized that something had been in
Ellen’s drink.
“How do you feel?” Dawn asked in sudden relish.
“Fine… wonderful,” Ellen tried to focus on Dawn, but it was
too much work.
“Ellen, do you know who started the rumors about me being a
lesbian?” Dawn asked casually.
“Swas sme,” Ellen pointed at her own chest and smirked.
“I dint wan Peg going to see you. If she goes to see you she
won’t come to see me,” Ellen said simply.
“Do you love Peg?” Dawn asked in sudden understanding.
“Yesssss,” Ellen gave an exaggerated nod.
“Are you a lesbian?” Dawn asked, holding her breath.
“Don’t know, I never get a chance to find out,” Ellen said,
then yawned.
“Why are you asking all these questions?” Peg hissed impatiently.
“She can’t lie,” Dawn smiled knowingly. “Anything she says has to be the truth.”
“Who cares. Let’s get on with the humiliation,” Peg said,
still angry. Dawn nodded and looked down at the drunk, yawning girl.
“Ellen, I’m going to take off all my clothes and I want you
to lick my ass. Understand?” Dawn asked, beginning to strip.
“Sure, assssss,” Ellen said and wiped her mouth with the back
of her hand. Dawn pointed at the camera and Peg hurried to pick
it up and study it. In a moment she was ready, and so was Dawn.
“Ok,” Dawn said, backing near Ellen. “Now lick me until I
tell you to stop,” Dawn said with a sadistic smile. Ellen slid
closer and extended her tongue. Without hesitation she began
licking Dawn’s ass while holding each slender leg in her hands.
Dawn stood shaking as the tongue caressed her nethery cheeks.
After several minutes, when her ass was liberally coated with
saliva, Dawn bent over and presented her pussy to Ellen’s eager
tongue. Without hesitation Ellen tipped her face up and began
licking Dawn’s pussy with quick, eager strokes.
Peg began taking pictures at an angle which would show
Ellen’s face, but not Dawn’s. She could imagine how good the
pictures would look posted on the bulletin board next to the teacher’s lounge.

“Shit, this feels so good,” Dawn hissed. “Why don’t you take
your clothes off so you can get some of this?” Dawn said to Peg,
watching her through half-closed eyes. Peg nodded and quickly
began to strip. Ellen watched Peg through eyes clouded with
affection. She licked Dawn eagerly, while anticipating doing the
same to Peg. Her drug induced hypnosis made her do anything she
was told to do, but she still wanted Peg more than anything else
in the world. While her tongue slid through Dawn’s wet flesh,
Ellen watched Peggy strip off her shirt. Her bare breasts
bounced with each movement. Ellen’s eyes lit with a smile as she
watched Peggy’s breasts jiggle when she bent to push down her
skirt and panties. Ellen’s eyes were immediately riveted to
Peg’s light bush and sexy little pussy.
“I think she really loves you,” Dawn said, nodding at Ellen.
“Uhn?” Ellen nodded while her tongue flicked through Dawn’s crotch.
“That means yes,” Dawn said as if Ellen needed an
interpreter. “I told you, she can’t lie while she’s on that
drug. She also has to do anything she’s told. Oh God, the
little bitch is really licking me up,” Dawn added as she grabbed
the table to support her suddenly weak knees. “Damn this is good.”

Ellen closed her eyes and concentrated on giving Dawn an
orgasm. She sucked the sweet pussy while probing it’s depths
with her stiff, pointed tongue. Dawn leaned closer to the table
and went down to her elbows. She hissed as her orgasm burned her
lions with it’s liquid pulsating heat. Finally the dam burst and
fire shot between her legs, tearing her sweet young pussy to
pieces. With a scream of passion Dawn dropped her face to the
table and humped her sex against Ellen’s face. In moments Dawn
literally collapsed on the floor in front of Ellen, who looked on
with a satisfied grin. For some reason this infuriated Peg.
Ellen was supposed to be humiliated, not have fun. She needed to
wipe that smirk off her face.
“Come here, bitch!” Peg yelled, pointing at the floor in front of her.
“Yes mistress,” Ellen said with a mindless smile. She
hurried over to kneel at Peg’s feet.
“Nobody told you that you could smile and have fun, did they?”
“No mistress.”
“Stop calling me that. On second thought, I don’t want you
to call me anything else. Do you understand?”
“Yes mistress,” Ellen said happily.
Peg stared around the room until her eyes lit on the table
legs by her knee. She bent and studied them for a moment, then began to smile.
“You, slave bitch,” Peg grabbed Ellen by her hair and turned
her head until she was facing the table. “You see those table legs?”
“Yes mistress.”
“I want you to take off all your clothes, go over to that
table leg and hump it with your pussy until you cum. Do you
understand? I want you to hump it like a dog humps a leg, and I
want you to cum,” Peg repeated with some relish.
“Oh thank you,” Ellen said eagerly and crawled over to the
table. The leg was huge at the top and tapered down to two
inches at the bottom. But there was a big four inch ball of wood
one foot from the bottom which would be ideal for humping.
Ellen immediately opened her legs and moved closer to the
table leg. Holding the leg for support and sitting on her heels,
she moved closer and placed the wooden ball against her pussy.
With a coo of excitement she began rubbing herself against the
leg. Despite herself, Peg was enthralled by the site of a woman
getting herself off like that. She could feel the heat in her
own pussy and wished she could do something about it. But
Ellen’s humiliation came first. The bitch needed to be taught a lesson.
The table leg was wet now, creating a squishing sound each
time Ellen’s pussy slid against it. Peg moved closer so she
could watch the pussy open up around the smoothly varnished ball.
It looked like Ellen’s pussy was trying to swallow it up.
“Does that feel good, bitch?”
“Oh yes mistress, very good,” Ellen said in an excited whisper.
“Aren’t you glad I thought of this?” Peg persisted.
“I am very glad,” Ellen nodded with her eyes closed. Her breath came in heavy pants.
“Do you want to eat my wet pussy when you’re done?” Peg
almost whispered now. She couldn’t take her eyes off Ellen’s
black haired pussy. It was so exciting.
“I always want to eat your pussy,” Ellen said mindlessly,
“It’s all I can think of at school. I watch you in the locker
room,” Ellen said in a confidential whisper. Peg was sure she
should be mad at such a statement, but she was excited instead.
“I want to lick your breasts and pussy,” Ellen said
enthusiastically. “I want to lick your ass and put my tongue up
inside it. It’s all I ever wanted,” Ellen said in gasps as her orgasm neared.
Peg was mesmerized by the beautiful wet pussy sliding over
the ball. She moved closer and watched as Ellen mindlessly
rubbed herself against the ball, panting and holding on to the
leg for dear life. Faster and faster Ellen rubbed as her orgasm
crested and exploded in her loins. Squealing in passion, Ellen
humped and jerked like a rag doll until her pussy became too
sensitive and she let go, falling back on the cold tile floor
while her pussy continued to hump nothing but air. Peg couldn’t
help it, she couldn’t leave Ellen hanging like that. She slid
forward on the floor, grabbed each leg in her slender hands, and
lowered her mouth over the bucking pussy. With a firm pressure
she sucked as her tongue probed the depths of Ellen’s vulva. Her
juice filled pussy tasted good, even though there was a hint of
varnish to her warm sex flesh.
Ellen whimpered and continued to buck until a second stronger
orgasm tore her loins apart. With a scream she mashed her pussy
against Peg’s face, ramming her wet flesh into Peg’s sweet mouth,
time after time. Peg closed her eyes and rode out the rough
attack on her mouth, then lay with her mouth sealed over Ellen’s
sex as her orgasm began to wane and she slowly relaxed.
Carefully, Peg released the pressure of her mouth and
reluctantly backed away. Ellen lay on the floor with an adoring look in her eyes.
“I love you so much,” Ellen said dreamily.
“You’re all drugged up,” Peg said shortly. “You’d love anybody right now.”
“She’s not,” Dawn said with a smile.
“She’s not what?” Peg was confused.
“She’s not drugged up, she’s not spreading rumors, take your
pick. We set YOU up, sweetheart.”
“What? What do you mean,” Peg looked from one girl to the next.
“We staged all this. There are no lesbian rumors in school
and no drug that I could get my hands on to make somebody do
whatever I tell them too. We faked it. Ellen wanted to make it
a threesome, and this is the plan we came up with to do something about it.”
“You guys are complete assholes. I’m leaving,” Peg said, gathering up her clothes.
“Oh no you not,” Dawn said. In a moment Dawn and Ellen were holding Peg down on the floor.
“It’s your turn,” Ellen said before she bent down to engulf
one of Peg’s sweet tits with her mouth. Dawn bent down to suck
the other one, while her hand rested in Peg’s wet crotch.
“Wow, you’re wet,” Dawn said, bringing her hand up and
placing the fingers in Peg’s mouth. Peg bit the fingers lightly,
then sucked her own juice off the sticky fingers.
“Uh, good,” Peg said with a sly smile.
“Don’t I know it? Ok, Peg, which way to you want it?” Dawn finally asked.
“I want you to sit on my face and Ellen down there,” Peg pointed at her crotch.
“Oh yes,” Ellen said in triumph. Dawn snorted, sucked Peg’s
tit a few more times, then stopped and walked around to the right
position on her knees. Slowly she lowered her pussy so it came
into contact with Peg’s warm red lips. Peg surged upwards and
engulfed the lightly haired pussy with her eager lips. She
reached up and cupped each of Dawn’s tits in one hand, as she
got down to some serious eating. It was wonderful, Peg thought
to herself as the sweet flavor of Dawn’s pussy filled her mouth.
Eating pussy was one of the true joys of her life.
With unexpected harshness, Ellen threw herself between Peg’s
open legs and rammed her mouth into Peg’s crotch. In seconds she
was sucking and eagerly licking the beautiful blonde like she had
never been licked before. Ellen wanted this session to be memorable for Peg.
Just as Peg was getting used to Ellen’s brutal attack, Ellen
decided to ram three fingers inside Peg’s pussy. Peggy stiffened
and moaned at the unexpected attack, then she relaxed and opened her legs more.
Ellen’s face was now soaking wet, making it easier to slide
up and down in the wet pussy. Like a dog, her head bobbed up and
down while her tongue slide through the top of Peg’s pussy.
Trying to keep the rhythm, Ellen stabbed her fingers inside,
keeping time with her lashing tongue. Peg’s slender thighs were
soaking wet now, making them even softer than they were before.
They were absolutely heavenly, velvety soft and flawlessly white
against Ellen’s cheeks. Ellen suddenly pulled her mouth off
Peg’s virginal pussy so she could rub her stiff clit with her
thumb. Since the pussy was full, Ellen bent down and sucked on
the crease between Peg’s pussy and leg. Peg stiffened and her
eyes flew open when she felt Ellen’s mouth on the sensitive area
of skin next to her pussy. Although normally very ticklish, in
the midst of her passion it was extremely erotic. She squirmed
and pressed her pussy harder against Ellen’s hand, while her
tongue probed the depths of Dawn’s sweet flesh.
Suddenly, Peg’s eyes flew open as she realized she was going
to cum. Licking enthusiastically so Dawn would cum at the same
time, she mashed Dawn’s small tits in her hands and flicked her
tongue over the clit to make Dawn come faster.
They were both panting and gasping for breath as their
orgasms built together. With loud moans of passion each girl
squirmed on the mouth worshiping their sex until their passion
crested and exploded into mindless, white hot energy. Squealing
and bucking, Dawn rubbed her sex into Peg’s face while her hands tangled in Peg’s hair.
Peg hardly noticed the slight pain that Dawn was causing.
Her own pussy was being milked by Ellen’s loving mouth. Her
fingers were probing deep inside her crotch, stirring the wet
juices filling her vagina.
Suddenly running out of energy, Dawn collapsed, hiding Peg’s
sweet face from view. Ellen didn’t want to stop, but when she
leaned forward and licked Dawn’s vulnerable pussy, Dawn squealed
and slapped at her. Ellen had to be content with sitting between
Peg’s open legs and massaging her slender, juice-covered legs.
Peg enjoyed the sensation with a half smile on her face. She ran
her own hand over Dawn’s firm breast, now laying just inches
before her face.
“Let’s do it again,” Ellen said brightly.
Peg squealed in laughter and kicked Ellen with a bare heel.
“You guys really had me going,” Peg said with a fond smile.
“You are so predictable,” Dawn laughed, slapping Peg on a
bare, juice covered leg. “Now we need to decide, who’s next,”
Dawn said with an impish smile. “Who would you choose, Peg,”
Dawn asked casually as she sat up and hugged her knees.
“Miss Waverly,” Peg said after some thought.
“Our math teacher?” Dawn and Ellen said in awe.
“She’s got one hot body,” Peg insisted. “And she loves to
show off her legs in those hot minis.” Each girl thought about
it for several minutes, then slowly nodded.
“Miss Waverly it is?” Dawn said with a shake of her head.
They talked for over an hour before they switched positions
and started all over again. It was a long weekend.