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The Maid part 2 – x rated story

the maid story - erotic free stories

The Maid part 2 – x rated naughty story   She smiled and closed the door behind her. I started my lunch and opened the notebook. It was heavy and had many sections. I’ll highlight the most interesting…

Slave Shadow part 2

Yes, Mistress

It was loud, crowded and the booths were not very private, but that didn’t keep mistress from having some fun. She ordered big for herself and ordered the kids plate for me. Fish sticks, mac & cheese and…

Jenny White Feather

sexy Native American Women indian girl

Share the joy             Jenny White Feather – Free Indian Erotic Story   Circa: 6 December 1866 one year after the end of the Civil War. The Indian wars were not as dynamic as the penny novels would have people believe, but…

My Boyfriend Caught Me With Another Woman

two girls kissing

Share the joy             My Boyfriend Caught Me With Another Woman   When I was in college, I had a few lesbian experiences with my roommate. I never told my live-in boyfriend about it, because I didn’t know how he would react.…

Sex At The Movie Theater

back row movie theater

Share the joy             Sex At The Movie Theater   My boyfriend loves to have sex in public places, which really makes me nervous, but I’ll go along with it if I feel pretty safe that we won’t be caught. I’m always…

Hot ‘N Horny Librarian

sexy librarian

Share the joy             Hot ‘N Horny Librarian   I spend a lot of time at my local library, researching information for my job. There is a pretty librarian there that I have spoken to on several occasions. I always thought she…

Surprise Threesome

2 girls

Surprise Threesome   My girlfriend Jill had an old high school friend, Wendy, coming to visit us for a few days and this would the first time I would be meeting her. Jill picked her up at the…