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Female Orgasms The 7 Types of Orgasms For Women

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Free Erotic Lesbian story – I want you to eat my fucking pussy!!!

two lesbian girls making outPlumpers “Hi,” Dani said to the knew girl while extending her hand, “my name’s Dani, Dani Noonan!” “Nice to meet you, Dani, I’m Becky Rice, man this is a big school!” “Yeah, it is’ Dani replied while closing her locker.…

How to make a woman orgasm with your fingers

make a woman orgasm with your fingersTurn Her on Faster Despite what you may have heard before, female ejaculation is real and almost every single woman is capable of having this kind of intense pleasure. It is up to us men to make it a reality…

Strange Places – A golf course can be a great place to have sex

sex at Strange Places trampoline xxxIf you are into having sex in public, you will love this. Here we go with some more of my favorite places to have sex in public. Remember to be careful and to bring a partner, if you are caught… Read more →




Surprise Threesome

2 girlsMy girlfriend Jill had an old high school friend, Wendy, coming to visit us for a few days and this would the first time I would be meeting her. Jill picked her up at the airport and then they stopped…

Lesbian Sex stories

Amy and Joanne : Part 3 free xxx sex story

licking a fat pussyPrologue: Joanne has just confessed to her best friend Amy that she has taken steroids and the her clit has grown to many times it’s normal size. After a quick suck session before school to calm the fire in Joanne’s…

The Maid part 2 – x rated story

the maid story - erotic free storiesShe smiled and closed the door behind her. I started my lunch and opened the notebook. It was heavy and had many sections. I’ll highlight the most interesting sections here. “Uniform: You will have 5 day uniforms in your closet.…

kissing girls“What’s her problem?” Peg asked as Ellen turned pages furiously on the school lawn looking for a time frame for “The Great Flood”. Ellen looked up and saw the sour face of Dawn looking their way. “A rumor’s gone around…

My Boyfriend Caught Me With Another Woman

two girls kissingWhen I was in college, I had a few lesbian experiences with my roommate. I never told my live-in boyfriend about it, because I didn’t know how he would react. I didn’t plan on ever doing anything like that again,…


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